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Getting Started

Thursday 16 August, John Henrik Luhr

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In this session we cover the most basic features, how to search smarter and set up customized desktops.

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Portfolio Tracker

Thursday 23 August, Cathrine Larsen

Follow your investments and learn how to use the Portfolio Tracker module in this webinar.

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Thursday 30 August, Dennis Paulsson

Utilize the Infront terminal’s trading functionality and learn how to place orders in multiple ways.

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Thursday 06 September, Cathrine Larsen

Get a better understanding of how to work in excel with the Infront terminal and how to extract both historical and real-time data. 

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Thursday 13 September, Robin Simonsen

This session cover most aspects of working with charts including technical analysis studies, how to compare instruments, make annotations and much more.

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Excel Add-in

Thursday 20 September, Cathrine Larsen

Get a better understanding of how to work in our excel Add-in.

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Watchlist & Layout

Thursday 17 September, Christine Aanesland

Learn how to set up your own customized lists and layouts to work more efficiently in the terminal.

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