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07.05.2021 - Infront Mutual Funds is now available in the Infront Professional Terminal 

Leveraging on Infront’s industry network, scale and market reach we are pleased to introduce Infront Mutual Funds, now available to all clients of our Professional Terminal.

As a part of Infront’s growth, an important step has been building independent content. Based on both strong relationships and technical infrastructure, we now provide direct contribution from fund managers, in one consolidated universe, on one attractive platform with powerful reach for both buy and sell side.

The Infront Mutual Funds holds more than 125 000 funds across European markets including NAV prices, historic data, dividends, respective dividend policy, ongoing charges and risk levels to name a few fields in this comprehensive data set. 

Features include a powerful Fund Screener enabling you to identify funds to your specific preference or mandate based on issuer, specific holdings, fund type and exposure, risk levels and more. Moreover the Fund Overview provides details of the individual funds performance and risk metrics along with Assets under Management and Investment Mandate. For an optimized workflow, historic performance can be compared and viewed directly in the integrated chart and KIID documents are easily available.

The Infront Mutual Funds dataset may also be structured as columns in a watchlist allowing for a tailored view, sorting and ranking of funds, all fully exportable to Excel.

The dataset is applicable to all general terminal features and seamlessly integrates with your familiar setup adding even more content and value to our Professional Terminal.

Here you can find an example desktop:

Fund Screener:

Individual Fund Overview:

Access from magnifying glass in the search top left corner:

Or from the main menu under “Tools”:

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04.03.2021 - Infront Professional Terminal 8.6.400

Date specific historical lookback and compare in curve chart

Discover how forward, swap or yield curves reacted to historical events such as ECB announcements, Inflation news and market incidents on specific dates. The date-specific lookback allows you to uncover movements and shifts in the curve for a particular day in question and enables you to pinpoint your preferred point in time

Debt maturity profile

A visual breakdown of a company’s issued debt, when it is maturing and respective notional outstanding amount. You can hover each bar to view coupons and additional data. If bonds are issued in different currencies the chart automatically currency converts to your selected conversion currency in order to compare them to scale in one axis.

Drag and drop symbol from Instruments to watch list
Volatility smile

The Volatility smile charts the Volatility of an Option across Strike prices. It visually represents how Options with the same underlying and expiry date are valued base on implied volatility across strike prices.
Chart performance for a custom period

Now its possible to quickly zoom in on a particular time period within a chart and the percentage performance on the left axis will adjust automatically recalculating the return for that period.

JP Morgan Chase indices are now available in the Infront Professional Terminal

Example Desktop

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01.07.2020 - New features and content in Infront Professional Terminal 

Get real-time global market data, news, analytics and electronic trading, in a modular solution that you can easily tailor to your needs. With fast and powerful search, analytics and alert tools, you can cut through the noise and gain unique market insight for better investment decisions. What are the new features and content?

New content in the Infront Professional Terminal

In the new version of Infront Professional Terminal (will shortly be available for clients) we have added news in local language from various news agencies and new content feeds as follows:

  • AWP:
    Swiss news provider offering coverage in German, French (some Italian)
  • Dpa-AFX:
    Pro feed for German, International pro in English
  • Dow Jones:
    Dow Jones Global, German news
    Dow Jones Compact, German news

New content feeds in the Infront Professional Terminal with a list of contributors, markets, exchanges, brokers including ICAP:

  • Baader Bank
  • BayernLB (Bayerische Landesbank)
  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank Autobahn
  • DZ Bank Bonds
  • European Central Bank
  • German Government Bonds
  • German Federal Bank (Deutsche Bank)
  • Lang & Schwarz
  • Quotrix
  • XtrakterBondprices
  • ICAP (optional data packages)
  • LBBW

New features in the Infront Professional Terminal

In the new version 8.6.300 (will shortly be available for clients) helpful features such as the VWD pages, all listings and a fund module with mutual fund data will be implemented.

VWD pages
Users of the vwd market manager know these very helpful preformatted pages that make it easy and fast to find a whole list of all instruments. They provide an easy way to search for instruments primarily by contributor source on prepared market pages. vwd Pages users can export the instruments on the page to Infront Professional Terminal watchlist for further navigation as a fully integrated Infront Professional Terminal instrument.

All listings
This is the “Arbitrage” window in the vwd market manager and the functionality is now also available in the Infront Professional Terminal. All Listings quickly show real-time pricing of one stock across all available traded venues with full order depth, spreads, trade volume etc. Certain clients who act as Market Makers need to quickly see marginal price differences (or arbitrage) across venues. This is beneficial for advisors, traders and brokers to ensure the best execution.

Fund Module with Infront Mutual Fund data
The Infront Mutual Fund Module contains our own Infront fund data (all former vwd fund data) as well as Infront Professional Terminal native fund screener. This fund overview allows users to access the different data fields and information that is available in the database screen on different fund parameters to display particular fund information.

The new version will also include multi-language Investment Mandates meaning that you are not restricted to the language in your Infront Professional Terminal. Most recent KIID documents are based on application and language preferences.

And in the charting, there will be a chart comparison benchmark.

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