Subscribe to the Infront Professional terminal with modules,
real-time markets and 3rd party services according to your needs.

Infront Professional terminal
The most intuitive financial platform on the market
  • Global market data –more than 4 million instruments
  • Indices, equities, funds, ETFs, derivatives, fixed income and FX
  • Professional European equity news from Dow Jones
  • Global equity fundamentals, estimates and ratios
  • Macro- and company calendars
  • Infront Portfolio Tracker
  • Symphony Chat integration enabled
  • Excel RTD integration and Desktop API
  • Infront Mobile apps
220€ per month


Add modules to the Infront Professional terminal based on needs.

Trading module
Trade electronically with global counterparties
  • Mono or multi-broker solution
  • Realtime blotters
  • DMA, Care, Strategies available from selected brokers
  • Click Trading, Basket Trading, Import of orders
95€ per month
Equity Analytics module
Comparable analysis platform with in-depth fundamental data on over 70,000 listed companies worldwide
  • Annual and interim financial statements with 5-year history
  • Consensus estimates with 4-year forecast, actuals and historical data
  • Valuation multiples, financial ratios, beta values
  • Easy-to-use, powerful multi-criteria screening tools
  • Predefined company peer groups
  • One-page company fact sheet
  • Excel add-in with smart export to Excel and refreshable template models
95€ per month
Equity analytics premium add-on
Broader set of data and up to 30 years of financial statements history
  • Financial statements history up to 30 years
  • Company reports and filings
  • 3-pages company fact sheet
  • Segment data
230€ per month
Funds module
Screen through an extensive database of global mutual funds and identify investment opportunities
  • Global Funds data
  • Funds Overview including holdings
  • Ratings and KID documents
  • Funds screener
45€ per month
Treasury module
Optimize long-term funding and hedging, secure short-term liquidity and mitigate credit and counter-party risk
  • OTC data from selected banks
  • IDB data from Tullett Prebon including rates, FX, FI, MM
  • Rate fixings including Euribor, Libor ++
  • iTraxx indices
  • Premium FX data
  • FX Fwd Calculator
120€ per month
Treasury Premium add-on
In-depth rates and FX derivatives
  • Complete Caps & Floors surface for over 20 rates
  • FX Options for over 100 currency pairs
95€ per month
EOD module
End-of-Day data solution that is easily integrated with a Portfolio Management system
  • EOD API for Portfolio Management
  • Web service
  • Provides closing prices
200€ per month

Real-time and fee liable data can be added or removed during the subscription. For a list of available real-time markets see here. Infront charges no extra fees except for a 5% administration fee.  

Infront offers several 3rd party services including professional news, research and other specialist data. This can be added and removed at any time. For an overview see here.